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What Your Garage Door Noise is Trying to Tell You

garage door noise

We rarely think about our garage doors opening and closing daily, allowing us to drive to work, the gym, school, or run errands around town. But when you begin hearing a strange garage door noise, you tend to think about your garage door some more. 

And once you notice that garage door noise, it will only eat away at your sanity until the source of the problem is fixed. 

But what exactly is that noise coming from your garage door trying to tell you? 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to identify what might be causing that awful garage door noise. 

Common Garage Door Noises and What They Mean

At some point or another, you will likely hear one of these common garage door noises. The sooner you identify and solve the cause, the longer your garage door will last without major issues.

Clunking or Clanging

A loud clunk might sound serious as your garage door opens and closes, but it’s actually quite a simple fix. The main culprit for this clunking or clanging noise is rusted or dry spring coils. If this is the case, you can simply use a silicone-based lubricant to help the coils move smoother. 

Another reason for a clanging garage door noise is defective rollers. This calls for a professional to come in and take a closer look at the rollers and find a way to fix them.


A loud or high-pitched squeaking can drive anyone mad. When it comes from your garage door, though, you can easily stop the squeaking. Usually, dirt and dust caught in the moving parts of the garage door cause the squeaking you hear. 

You’ll have to examine the mechanisms and clean and lubricate these parts to cease the squeak. 


When you hear a slow grinding sound as your garage door is in use, it usually means that the chain belt is either too loose or too tight. A garage door professional must examine the belt and adjust it accordingly. 


If you hear a thumping garage door noise, it likely means that you have a broken torsion spring. Of all the common garage door noise causes, this one must be taken seriously. 


A loud banging sound could indicate that a garage door panel needs to be replaced or that the door has fallen off the track. This is another problem that shouldn’t be left ignored as it could cause major issues and could be potentially dangerous if left unfixed. 


As your garage door opens and closes, you may hear a scraping sound but have no idea where it’s coming from. The cause is likely from an off-balanced door scraping against the garage wall as it moves up and down. Over time, this could cause damage to both the garage door and the wall it’s scraping against. 

When Should You Call the Garage Pros? 

Garage doors are no joke, especially when dealing with strange garage door noises! 

They are as dangerous as they are useful. On average, garage doors cause 42 serious injuries per year. For this reason, we recommend calling a garage door professional to examine your door, diagnose issues, resolve those issues, and continue routine maintenance inspections. 

Whether you hear a strange garage door noise or notice it simply isn’t functioning as it used to, give the Garage Pros a call. 

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