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How to Choose the Garage Door Style That Fits Your Home

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When you look at the exterior of your home, you should be filled with pride. As one of the largest investments you will likely ever make, you want to love the way your house looks as you come down the street. One way to further enhance your home’s look is by choosing a complementary garage door style to tie it all together. 

There are countless decisions in designing and decorating our homes that can instantly enhance their perceived value. Installing a garage door style that fits your home is one way you can elevate your home’s curb appeal and have passersby stop and admire its sophistication and design, perhaps even feeling a tinge of envy. 

With so many different garage door styles out there, how do you choose the one that is right for your home and is it even worth it?

How the Right Garage Door Style Can Transform Your Home

The improvements you make to your home’s outdoor appearance can enhance its curb appeal and even increase its property value by 7% when you decide to sell it. 

Choosing a garage door style that elevates your home’s appearance and is consistent with its architectural style will not only enhance your own satisfaction but also draw admiration from neighbors, friends, and potential buyers. It’s a testament to your good taste and appreciation for the finer details of home design. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Style

There are many factors and characteristics to consider when choosing a garage door style that fits your home. From logistic standpoints to pure design taste, this is exactly what to know when deciding on a new garage door style. 

Types of Garage Doors

There are various styles of garage doors that you can choose from. Consider the logistics of how you want the door to open depending on the size of your garage. 

The most common garage door styles include:

  • Sectional – This type of door is generally the most common in America.  The door has horizontal panels that hinge and roll inside the garage on tracks.
  • Bifold – A bifold garage door is a modern and space-saving solution that consists of multiple panels that fold together as the door is opened, typically dividing into two sections that fold vertically.
  • Trifold – A trifold garage door is composed of three sections that fold together as the door opens, typically folding vertically in a concertina style.
  • Swing-Out – A swing-out garage door consists of two doors that open outward from the center, allowing access to the garage’s ceiling space.
  • Tilt-Up Canopy – A single solid panel that tilts up and outward and then slides back into the garage ceiling.
  • Tilt-Up Retractable – Similar to tilt-up canopy doors, but retract fully into the garage on horizontal tracks, requiring more space.

Deciding which garage door mechanism works best for your home lays the foundation for the rest of your garage door style. 

Garage Door Material

The material of your garage door has a purpose for more than just aesthetic. You must also consider the climate where you live and how the material will withstand the temperatures and weather throughout the year. 

Some popular garage door materials include:

  • Wood – Traditional wood material offers a sophisticated look, often with a barndoor style, and can insulate the garage well. 
  • Faux Wood – Faux wood looks like wood but is a different material entirely that performs well in heat and is low maintenance
  • Glass – Glass garage doors allow a flow of natural light and are also low maintenance and easy to clean. 
  • Steel – Steel material offers a robust and sleek modern aesthetic while withstanding rust and dents. 
  • Vinyl – Vinyl material is the most affordable option while offering resistance to moisture, insects, and rotting. 


The color of your garage door style should complement the overall color scheme of your home. Many homeowners choose neutral colors to blend in with their home’s exterior, while others opt for bolder colors to accentuate the details of their home. 

Added Hardware

Looking at the base of your garage door, you may feel like it is missing a little something. Adding hardware such as handles, hinges, and decorative nails can instantly elevate the design. Some homeowners also choose to use hardware that matches their front doors and shutters to tie the aesthetic together. 


If your garage doesn’t have windows built in, adding them to the garage door will allow natural light to flow in while also enhancing the overall door design. 

Design Your Custom Garage Door Style with Garage Pros

Bring your dream garage door style to life with the Garage ProsYou picture it, we’ll make it happen! Choose your door style, material, color, and hardware, and we will design, build, and install your garage door to enhance your home’s appearance instantly. Request a quote for your custom garage door style today!