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How Long Does It Take to Install a Garage Door Opener?

It takes 4 to 6 hours to install a garage door opener, although that is not a definitive answer. The time taken to install your garage door actually depends on a lot of factors such as garage door opener models, garage door opener technology, garage door installation company, whether it is a modern garage or automatic garage and if it is a quality garage door opener or not. It is not an easy task and usually requires the assistance of a professional garage door installer. However, you can do it yourself too instead of garage door contractors since the opener comes with instructions. In case the replacement is that of an old garage door opener, it won’t take you as long to finish the job as you would already be familiar with everything. But, if it’s a completely new model, it might take you a little bit of time.


When to Install a Garage Door Opener

It is usually a good idea to install a garage door opener after 10 years. In case you have had a garage door opener for a decade or even more, it is probably time to replace it. Whether or not you need a garage door replacement actually depends on the maintenance of the garage door opener. It is usually a good idea to schedule regular maintenance from the garage door company a few times a year so that they can take care of your garage door opener. They can inspect individual parts and replace them if needed so that you do not have to go for a complete garage door opener replacement in a few years. Regardless, get an idea about the garage door opener installation cost since technicians charge an hourly rate.  

How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Install Take?

It takes 4 to 6 hours to install a garage door opener. As mentioned, the garage door operator installation time and process depend on the type of garage door you have. In case you are installing a garage door opener that is already compatible, it is not going to take that long. Hiring a qualified garage door installer over a DIY installation is a good idea in this case since they will be familiar with the structure and can be done with the garage door installation in even 3 hours and can help you avoid any garage door accidents. Secondly, the size of the door also matters. With a small door, it is obviously going to take less time while a bigger door will take a longer time. On top of that, weather conditions will also be a big factor when installing garage door systems. It’s going to be more challenging to install a garage door opener on rainy or snowy days or during temperature fluctuations. So, pick a fine day to install your garage door, and make sure to go for garage door maintenance frequently.  

How much time is required for garage door opener installation?

As a general rule of thumb, 4-6 hours is required for garage door opener installation. However, a professional installer who can provide garage door service can take even less amount of time and if the existing structure is good enough and the brackets and wiring are still proper, it’s not going to take that long to install the residential garage door opener, and going to be a smooth operation.  

Items to install a garage door opener

Here are the items to install a garage door opener:
  • Assemble the Carriage Tube
For the installation project, you need to first assemble the carriage tube with the help of the manufacturer’s instructions. The purpose of the carriage tube is to connect the carriage to the power unit and to the front wall, which will help the garage door to lower or raise. Make sure to have safety glasses and other safety features.
  • Mount the Carriage Tube
Next, mount it on the power unit’s front. Attach all the rail clamps and depending on what kind of a door you are installing, you might need to attach wiring and switches too.
  • Slip the Carriage Over the Tube
After that, the carriage will go over the tube. Make sure to read the installation guide carefully since different garage door openers come with different instructions.
  • Mount the Header Bracket
Next, you have to install the header bracket which will help the carriage tube to stick to the wall above the door. Raise up your power unit and make sure that the carriage tube is close to your ceiling.
  • Hang Power Unit from the Ceiling
You can use metal straps or angle irons to hang your power unit from the ceiling with wires. But, make sure that the power source is reachable so that everyone can access it easily.
  • Attach the Bracket That Connects the Carriage Arm
In the next step, you have to attach the arm of the carriage to the garage door. Again, it will differ, depending on what model of garage door you have, so it’s always recommended you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Lastly, you can plug the safety device in and see if the garage door is working properly or if you need to make any adjustments, in which case you have to redo the basic steps.  

When to Call a Professional

It is a great idea to call a professional when you are not being able to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and need the assistance of a skilled garage door professional. While installing a garage door opener yourself isn’t completely impossible, it will take you more time than usual to go through all the instructions and individually follow them whereas a technician will wrap up the job more easily. hence, look into the labor costs and hire a technician. Furthermore, harsh weather is also an important factor when installing a garage door opener for safe operation. It is usually easier to install the opener on a clear and fine day rather than a snowy or rainy day or in extreme temperatures or excessive humidity. You can also ask the garage door expert questions about garage door and clear your doubts. When in doubt call the experts at Garage Pro KC to help you with all you Olathe garage door repairs
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